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Have you ever heard of Manta More orchids? These beautiful flowers radiate class and are very elegant. What makes them so “different” from the well-known phalaenopsis orchids to which this series belongs, is the so-called large lip of...

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Positive flower messages

The coronavirus spread across the world. As a result, the Dutch floriculture sector has been hit unprecedentedly hard with major consequences. Today it is heartwarming to see so many people taking action in the fight against coronovirus.
Floral message of hope
The Flower Council of...

Dé kleur van 2020 volgens verfmerk Clare: Frozen
Happy living

4 original ways to style an orchid at home

Looking for original ways to style an orchid at home? We have some nice ideas for that! How about upside down? Or as a cut flower? Read on to get some new inspiration!
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Original ways to style an orchid
Upside down
With the Sky Planter...

4 useful tips to make your flowers last longer
Nice to give & to get

The best flowers for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The day of love. And it doesn’t matter wether it’s a commercial day or not, because flowers make everyone happy! It’s a very nice every day present, but also perfect for Valentine’s Day. Roses may be too much of a cliché...

Inspiration: how to decorate your bathroom with orchids

Inspiration: how to decorate your bathroom with orchids

Is your bathroom ready for a makeover? Great, we have a few tips for you. In general, the bathroom is a dark and damp room, so you probably wouldn’t put a plant there. But did you know that there are plants that love that? The orchid is a good example of this. This plant comes from...

DIY: DIY: Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement Christmas arrangement

DIY: Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement

Can your house use some extra Christmas decorations and do you feel like DIY-ing before or during Christmas? We came across a beautiful Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement at Flower Factor. You do need some tools to make it, but it’s really easy. And the result is impressive! In...

best places to put an orchid

Trend alert: pink plants in your interior

Plants have been immensely popular for a long time, but there are also trends within the #houseplantclub. As currently: pink plants. With one or more pink plants, you can easily freshen up your interior! They give your interior a touch of pink without giving you the feeling you live in a...

How to bring your orchid back to life
First aid care

Should orchid air roots be trimmed?

Curious what the roots that grow outside of the pot of your orchid are? They’re air roots. That’s what they are called because they simply hang in the air. They have missed the pot, you could say. In this article we’ll tell you more about the air roots of an...