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Raining flowers above your dining table

A bunch of flowers always works to create a tasteful ambiance. Now there is a new trend: impressive decorations with flowers hanging from the ceiling. Imagine the instant feelings of happiness that this could evoke. Just as in love as I’m? You can create your own flower chandelier.

London based artist rebecca louise law amazed visitors in the San Francisco’s Chandran gallery with 8.000 flowers hanging from the ceiling. Turning decaying flowers into beautiful art.
chandran gallery the beauty of decay rebecca louise law

Also at the Bellavista Del Garden del Notre restaurant in Barcelona guests are welcomed under a rain of flowers. And these hanging Phalaenopsis are just stunning.

Bellavista Del Garden del Notre restaurant, Barcelona. #thecoolhunter

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After seeing these flowers raining from the ceiling. I started wondering whether you could do this at home. Hanging flower decorations look great in large spaces, but you can scale it down to a smaller setting. The perfect place to do this is above a dining table. The big bonus: you will save space for your favourite dishes.








Adding a pop of colour!

Hanging flowers by sugarandclothHanging flowers by sugarandcloth


The flower lovers of Sugar & Cloth made this hanging flower decoration above a dining table from a wooden frame with chicken wire. To hang each stem, wire is wrapped around the end and knot to the chicken wire.

You have to put some effort into it, but the effect looks great! Bright buds and flowers hanging from the ceiling are a subtle and unexpected way to add a pop of nature and colour in a room. The only little disadvantage might be that the flowers don’t have any water. That’s fine as decoration for a dining party or wedding dinner that last a couple of hours, but they don’t last a couple of days.

Hanging flowers in water

Grace Bonney of Designsponge found a way to make a floral chandelier with real flowers on water so the flowers would stay fresh longer.

Hanging fielt bouquet

Hanging Field bouquet

For this chandelier that looks like a field bouquet turned upside down, found at VTwonen.nl, they have used the same principle with yellow scented stocks (Matthiola Phantom Yellow), lilac scented stocks (Matthiola Incana turish Delight), delphinium blue (Delphinium Guard blue), delphinium lilac (Delphinium Dewi Lady), peonies (Coral Charm) and a rose (pink / orange Lovely hearts ).

  1. Cover an old box with gauze and hang it upside down with a solid wire or rope. Be sure to hang the box is level and stable.
  2. Bend a hole in the grid of wire as wide as the stems and insert the stem from the bottom.
  3. Attach a water tube with water and a cap to the stem end, so the flower stays beautiful and in place.
  4. Insert all the flowers and pay attention to the distribution of colour and type and hang stems at different heights. Cut them at the same height.
  5. Hang the floral chandelier at the desired height and position on the ceiling.

Flower chandelier that will last forever

The hanging real flowers are of course beautiful, but with or without water they will fade away.  You wouldn’t have that problem with this relatively simple flower chandelier made with fake ones. It looks so pretty I almost forget it are fake ones ;-).