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Moving indoor plants outside in summer: a few tips

Moving indoor plants outside in the summer: a few tips

Houseplants are usually placed indoors, they’re called houseplants for a reason. Inside, the conditions are generally constant and there are no major temperature fluctuations. But in the summer you can move some indoor plants outside. For many houseplants this is even better...

The different patterns in which a phalaenopsis comes

The different patterns in which a phalaenopsis comes

With 25.000 variations, the orchid family is one of the largest plant families on earth. The phalaenopsis orchid is the most common one. And even this variety is available in many different shapes and colors! There are flowers in solid colors, stripes, speckles, spots or a color gradient...

The different forms orchids come in

The different forms orchids come in

You probably already know the ‘normal’ orchid, which grows upright. But did you know that there are many different forms orchids come in? In this article we’ll show you a few of them. It’s nice to vary with!
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How to care for anthurium cut flowers

How to care for Anthurium cut flowers

Anthurium cut flowers are incredibly versatile. They’re available in a wide range of colors and color combinations: in completely one color, multiple colors in one, and various patterns. A real must-have for in every home! And they don’t need much care, but with a little extra...

How to use an orchid as a cut flower

How to use the orchid as a cut flower

You probably know the orchid as a plant, but did you know they also do well as a cut flower? Some florists sell them, but you can also cut the flowers from a plant yourself. To do this the right way and to enjoy them for as long as possible, we have a few tips for you.
The orchid

new anthurium cut flower varieties

How to bring dying flowers back to life

You buy a fresh bunch of flowers and place them in a vase with some water. Next thing you know they’re almost dead! Is this recognizable for you? Then this article is for you, because we explain how it happens, and how to bring dying flowers back to life!
How does it happen?

Best flower for Valentine's Day

The best flower for Valentine’s Day: the anthurium

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And whether you like it or think it’s just a commercial day, it’s a good reminder to express your appreciation for someone else. Whether that’s your lover, a friend or a relative. Because who doesn’t like to hear that he or...

Using orchid potting soil

4 houseplants that are easy to care for

Plants are nice to have at home. They create atmosphere and liveliness in your interior, and provide cleaner air. But if you’re not at home often or don’t have green fingers, it can be difficult to keep your plants alive. That’s why we looked for the 4 easiest...

The 2 most common anthurium species

These are the 2 most common anthurium species

The anthurium comes from South America and consists of more than 600 species. ‘Anthurium’ comes from Anthos (flowering) and Oura (tail). The plant got this name because of it’s flowers; it’s one of the few flowering house plants that blooms all year round. The most...

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