How to care for Anthurium cut flowers: 3 tips
How to care for anthurium cut flowers

How to care for Anthurium cut flowers

Anthurium cut flowers are incredibly versatile. They’re available in a wide range of colors and color combinations: in completely one color, multiple colors in one, and various patterns. A real must-have for in every home! And they don’t need much care, but with a little extra attention they can bloom for two to three weeks. Therefore explained in this article: how to care for Anthurium cut flowers.

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How to care for Anthurium cut flowers


Start by cutting about 5 cm from the bottom of the stem of the Anthurium cut flowers. Then place them in a clean vase with tap water. The Anthurium is very clean and keeps the water clear. The flowers don’t need cut flower food, but they do tolerate it. So, if you bought a mixed bouquet containing anthurium cut flowers, it’s no problem to add cut flower food.

The best spot

Once the anthurium cut flowers are beautifully placed in the vase, look for a nice spot in your home to place them. They prefer to be as light as possible, but not in direct sunlight. Watch out for drafts, heat from a radiator and fruit.


After a week, it’s best to refresh the water of the flowers and cut 1 cm off the stems. This way the Anthurium cut flowers will flower nicely for two to three weeks and you can enjoy them for a long time!

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