How to get an anthurium plant to bloom: a number of tips
How to get an anthurium plant to bloom
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How to get an anthurium plant to bloom

The anthurium plant can flower throughout the year. It generally flowers for about three months, and after that the cycle starts again. Usually you don’t really have to do anything. But what if your anthurium doesn’t flower anymore? In this article, we listed a number of tips about how to get an anthurium plant to bloom again:

Summer vs. winter

The anthurium generally has fewer flowers in winter then in summer. During summer, the plant wakens from its hibernation and flowers more. You can’t really do anything about that. But if your anthurium plant doesn’t bloom for a while, you can help it a little bit.

How to get an anthurium plant to bloom

Place the plant in a lighter position, don’t water it more often than once a week and give a little extra nutrition. In early spring, stop giving your anthurium plant nutrition for six weeks to two months. Only give it a little bit of water every once a while. When it starts getting warmer and sunnier, you can start giving nutrition and water again. This generally ensures an anthurium plant to bloom again quite quickly.

The best anthurium care

Make sure you water your anthurium plant regularly, but don’t over-water it. During summer twice a week is sufficient, during winter once a week. But only water it when the soil is dry, because too much water can cause yellow leaf tips.

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