The 4 best places to put an orchid in your home
best places to put an orchid
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The 4 best places to put an orchid in your home

Chances are that you have an orchid at home, because it’s a really popular houseplant. The orchid doesn’t need a lot of attention, but with the right care it can bloom for a long time. In this article you’ll find tips on the best places to put an orchid in your home, because where you place it makes a big difference for the flowering process!


Because orchids are epiphytes, they thrive in humidity. That’s why they’re a perfect choice for your bathroom! Some orchids prefer moderate light, others need bright light. So if you don’t have any windows in your bathroom, occasionally place them in indirect sunlight. This way they can bloom for weeks!

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Plants provide a soothing environment and therefore are ideal for in the bedroom. They use oxygen at night, but produce extra during the day, so there’s no need to worry. They also increase the humidity level, which can prevent respiratory infections and irritations. And how nice is it, to see an exotic plant immediately when you wake up? Just like in the living room, most bedrooms have a lot of light. Place the plant near a window, but make sure the window is insulated against drafts.


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Work space

Research from the universities of Cardiff, Exeter, Queensland and Groningen showed that plants can have a positive influence on your productivity. If there are plants in the workspace, the productivity can increase up to 15%! People also complete tasks faster without deteriorating the quality. Next to that, plants have a positive effect on your concentration, because they reduce noise by 8%. So decorate your desk with a few different orchids! But make sure they get enough daylight, otherwise you have to place them in a lighter place every now and then.

Living room

The last of the 4 best places to put an orchid in your home (and maybe the best!) is the living room. The orchid is a subtropical plant, and therefore it likes to stand in a light spot. Not in direct sunlight, because the leaves can get sunburned! The ideal room temperature for an orchid is between 20 and 22 degrees. So don’t place it close to the heating, and if you place it near a window make sure it’s insulated against drafts. Also, keep your orchid far from any fruits, as the ethylene gas emitted by ripening fruit can cause premature dropping of buds.

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