4x the best place to keep your anthurium plant
best place to keep your anthurium
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4x the best place to keep your anthurium plant

Because the anthurium is a tropical plant, it loves warmth and prefers high humidity. It prefers to be in a room with a temperature between 20° C and 22° C, and doesn’t do well in a temperature below 16°C. Place the plant in a well lighted place, but not in direct sunlight because then the leaves can get burned or a yellow glow. Are new flowers coming out, but do they keep a greenish color? Then the anthurium is getting not enough light, and you have to place it a bit closer to the window. In this article you’ll find 4x the best place to keep your anthurium plant:


You might think bathrooms aren’t the ideal environment for plants because of the high humidity, warm temperatures and low light. But that’s exactly what most tropical plants, like the anthurium, need! Place a few of these plants together, to create a trendy Urban Jungle bathroom. But make sure the anthurium is placed in indirect daylight, because otherwise the plant won’t produce new flowers.

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Plants provide a soothing environment and therefore are ideal for in the bedroom. They use oxygen at night, but produce extra during the day, so there’s no need to worry. They also increase the humidity level, which can prevent respiratory infections and irritations. Preferably place air-purifying plants in the bedroom, such as an anthurium.

Living room

The living room is probably the easiest place to keep your anthurium happy. There is sufficient sunlight and there are also enough places with indirect light. But be careful with draughts and don’t place your anthurium plant too close to a hot radiator.


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It has been scientifically proven that indoor plants have a positive effect on people in a working environmental. Think of functional benefits, such as sound insulation and decoration. But they also have intrinsic qualities that positively influence the health, happiness and even the productivity of employees.

NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, investigated the best ways to filter the air in a space station, a couple of years ago. This way they discovered that certain houseplants, like the anthurium, can neutralize toxins in a natural way. And that means cleaner and fresher air in the study. According to NASA, the anthurium is very effective at removing formaldehyde (a gas used in the production of leather, carpets and other products), ammonia, toluene and xylene from the air.

What’s your favorite place to keep your anthurium plant? It’s very easy to care for, and needs very little to stay beautiful for a long time. Read more about it in this article: Anthurium care: 7 tips in a row