Anthurium care: 7 tips for anthurium cut flowers and pot plants
Anthurium care: 7 tips for anthurium cut flowers and pot plants
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Anthurium care: 7 tips for anthurium cut flowers and pot plants

Anthuriums are beautiful tropical flowers, and real eyecatchers because of the different colors they come in. They are available in two varieties: cut flowers and pot plants. Both don’t need a lot of care, but with a little attention they’ll bloom for an extra long time. In this article we have listed all the tips for the best anthurium care:

The best place to put your anthurium

Because the anthurium is a tropical plant, it loves warmth and prefers high humidity. That’s why it blooms very well in the bathroom, for example. Both the pot plant and cut flower prefer to be in a room with a temperature between 20 ° C and 22 ° C. Place them in a well lighted place, but not in direct sunlight. And keep them away from draughts and don’t place them close to a hot radiator, because they absolutely don’t like that.

Anthurium cut flower care tips

After buying anthurium cut flowers, cut about 5 cm off the end of the stem and put them in a clean vase with tap water. Make sure you refresh the water once a week, and cut 1 cm off the stalk. This way the anthuriums will bloom up to two or three weeks, so you can enjoy them for an extra long time! Anthurium flowers don’t need cut flower food, but do tolerate it. So therefore it’s no problem to use floral food with mixed bouquets.

Anthurium pot plant care tips


Make sure you water your anthurium plant regularly, but don’t over-water. During summer twice a week is sufficient, during the winter once a week. But only water when the soil is dry, because too much water can cause yellow leaf tips.


Clean your plants periodically, by spraying a little water on the top and bottom of their leaves. This will remove any pests and dust from your plants and will help to keep them healthy and make their leaves look nice and shiny too!


By pruning your anthurium now and then, it will last even longer. Remove any discolored or dead leaves and cut wilted or dead blossoms down to the base of the stem. Otherwise they will draw energy from the plant. And now that energy can be used for producing new leaves and flowers!

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If the anthurium plant has become too large for its pot, you should repot it. Do this preferably in spring, because the lighter days help stimulate the formation of buds. Take a new container that has a diameter of at least 20% larger than the old one, to ensure that the plant can still grow in there. Use fresh potting soil, using just enough to bring the top of the anthurium’s rootball to about an inch below the rim of the container. Once repotted, the anthurium plant should sit at the same soil level it was situated in the original pot.

Anthurium with discolored leaves

  • Does the anthurium have brown leaf tips? Then it is getting too much or too little water. Just feel the potting soil: if it feels dry, you need to give more water.
  • Do the leaves have a yellow glow? Then the plant probably is getting too much sunlight and you can best move it to a place with indirect sunlight.
  • Are new flowers coming out, but do they keep a greenish color? Then the anthurium is getting too little light and you have to put her a bit closer to the window.

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Anthurium care: 7 tips for anthurium cut flowers and pot plants