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propagate an anthurium
First aid care

How to propagate an anthurium: 3 steps

If you or someone you know has a beautiful anthurium potplant at home, you could propagate it, so that you get more plants just like it. That may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually really simple! You can propagate an anthurium in 3 steps:
Propagate an anthurium
If you want...

boost your productivity
Happy living

5 houseplants that boost your productivity

It has been scientifically proven that indoor plants have a positive effect on people. Think of functional benefits, such as sound insulation and decoration. But they also have intrinsic qualities that positively influence the health, happiness and even the productivity of employees. To...

Repot an orchid
First aid care

How to repot an orchid: a few tips and tricks

If an orchid is growing out of its container, it’s time to repot it. Usually you should do this once every two or three years. Preferably do it in spring, because the lighter days help the orchid to repair any damages. But of course it can also be done later in the year. Do you want...

How to care for an herb garden
First aid care

How to care for an herb garden: 3 tips

It’s wonderful to have fresh herbs in the garden or on the balcony, because you’ll always have a delicious addition at hand during cooking. And you can also add some sliced fruit and herbs to a carafe of water, for extra flavor and color! But how do you ensure that the plants...

How to make flowers last longer
First aid care

How to make flowers last longer: 3 tips

When you get or buy a bunch of flowers, you want to keep them alive for as long as possible. And the right care certainly contributes to this. That’s why we’ve put three tips in a row, with which you can make flowers last longer.
A good start
A good start is half the work...

Using orchid potting soil
First aid care

Using orchid potting soil: a few tips and tricks

If you have one or more orchids at home, it’s wise to buy special orchid potting soil. An orchid gets air through the roots, so the soil in which it stands must be open and airy. Ordinary potting soil is much too dense, in there the plant won’t be able to breathe. In this...

How to get an anthurium plant to bloom
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How to get an anthurium plant to bloom

The anthurium plant can flower throughout the year. It generally flowers for about three months, and after that the cycle starts again. Usually you don’t really have to do anything. But what if your anthurium doesn’t flower anymore? In this article, we listed a number of tips...

Plants that keep your home cool
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These plants will help keep your home cool this summer

This summer is real. All time heat records has been set all over the world last week. You’re probably trying to keep your home a bit more livable by turning the fan and/or airconditioning on high speed, but did you know there are plants that can also help with that? Plants...

Repotting your anthurium plant
First aid care

Repotting your anthurium: tips on how to repot your plant

If your anthurium plant has become too large for its pot, you should repot it. Do this preferably in spring, because the lighter days will help stimulate the formation of buds. But if the plant shows signs that it’s severely outbound, don’t wait until spring because it might...

How to bring your orchid back to life
First aid care

How to bring your orchid back to life

An orchid can bloom for about three to six months. And after that, you certainly shouldn’t throw it away. Because with some love and attention you can bring your orchid back to life many times! This way you can enjoy the plant all year round. We’ll give you some tips.
How to...

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