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Flourishing gifts.

4 thoughtful gifts for plant moms

Sunday March 8th is International Women’s Day. This historical day celebrates the achievements of women all across the world. It offers an opportunity to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and...

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4 useful tips to make your flowers last longer
Nice to give & to get

The best flowers for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The day of love. And it doesn’t matter wether it’s a commercial day or not, because flowers make everyone happy! It’s a very nice every day present, but also perfect for Valentine’s Day. Roses may be too much of a cliché...

Buy anthurium cut flowers and pot plants
Nice to give & to get

Cute Christmas gifts for plant lovers

It’s almost Christmas time! Are you already stressed out from the idea of coming up with nice Christmas gifts? No worries, we picked out some very cute ones, especially for plant lovers. These gifts will put a smile on every plant lovers face!
Christmas gifts for plant...

Teacher's Day: 2 DIY gift ideas with plants
Nice to give & to get

Teacher’s Day: 2 DIY gift ideas with plants

Every year on October 5 it’s Teacher’s Day! That’s a Saturday this year, and we’re pretty sure teachers won’t go to school on their day off. So we’ll celebrate it on Monday! That gives you more time to come up with something nice to thank them. In this...

4 nice Father's Day gift ideas
Nice to give & to get

4 nice Father’s Day gift ideas

June 16th it’s Father’s Day! You’re probably thinking something like: “What should I buy for him thís year?!”. Something we understand completely. That’s why we already started looking for you. In this article you can find 4 nice Father’s Day...

The best gifts for plant moms
Nice to give & to get

The best gifts for plant moms

Surprising a plant lover with a bunch of flowers or houseplant is probably the most obvious gift, but to be honest: most of them will be really happy with it. But you can also make a bit more effort in finding another great gift. To help you, we listed a number of nice gifts for plant...

5 pretty plant misters
Nice to give & to get

5 pretty plant misters

If the heating is on a lot, it can get very dry inside your home. Something that many plants, such as the anthurium and orchid, don’t like. To give them the feeling that they’re in the tropics, you can occasionally spray its leaves with a plant sprayer. Next to that, a plant...

4 geweldige boeken over kamerplanten
Nice to give & to get

4 wonderful books about houseplants

As a plant lover you’re always on the hunt for more info about your favorite plants, or looking for species that you don’t know yet. That’s why we collected 4 great books about indoor plants. They’re good to read and make a nice coffee table book...

stylish indoor flower pots
Interior Nice to give & to get

5 stylish indoor flower pots

As a plant lover you probably have a huge amount of plants at home, and you want to exhibit them in the best possible way. Nowadays there are so many options to do so, such as a stool, planter, macrame plant hanger, and so on. But the old-fashioned flower pot still does its job very well...

gifts for flower lovers
Nice to give & to get

5 great and unique gifts for flower lovers

Give someone flowers and they’ll be happy, for sure. But once in a while it’s also nice to give something else. Something that’s not a flower itself, but still has to do with it. That’s why we selected 5 great and unique gifts for flower lovers.
Special vase