An anthurium in water: a few tips
anthurium in water

An anthurium in water: a few tips

Normally you would place anthurium cut flowers in a vase, and an anthurium pot plant in a plant pot. But did you know that you can also place an anthurium in water? This looks nice and is especially handy for people who often forget to water their plants. In this article we’ll explain how to make an anthurium in water.

Anthurium in water

Growing plants in water instead of in soil, is called hydroponics. If you use a glass vase, the beautiful roots of the plant will become visible. And besides that it’s beautiful, the plant always has enough water. So watering is no longer necessary. It’s beautiful and convenient! 😉

How to


  • Anthurium pot plant
  • Bucket
  • Vase

Start with taking the Anthurium plant out of its pot, and rinse its roots carefully to clear it of all soil. Then fill the vase with water, and place the plant in it. The roots must be just underneath the water. That’s it! The only thing you’ll have to do now, is refresh the water every now and then and keep a close eye on the water level.