DIY: Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement
DIY: DIY: Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement Christmas arrangement
Picture: Flower Factor

DIY: Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement

Can your house use some extra Christmas decorations and do you feel like DIY-ing before or during Christmas? We came across a beautiful Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement at Flower Factor. You do need some tools to make it, but it’s really easy. And the result is impressive! In addition, you can enjoy the arrangement for a long time, because an orchid blooms for weeks. Enjoy!

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  • OSB board
  • Nails, large and small ones
  • Different types of thread
  • Plastic plant pot
  • Phalaenopsis, on the pictures you see the ‘Boquetto Beauty’

Required tools:

  • Jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Optionally: glue gun

Phalaenopsis Christmas arrangement

Start by drawing a star on the OSB board and saw it out. Place the plastic plant pot in the center of the star, draw a circle around it and saw this piece out. Place the large nails around the circle, and the small nails along the edges of the star. Make sure that you divide all the nails evenly.

Tie a thread to one of the large nails, weave it criss-cross around different nails, but keep the circle completely free. Alternate between different threads and possibly also colors.

When the star is finished, place the plant pot together with the Phalaenopsis in the hole in the middle. Attach the pot to the plate with glue if necessary, for extra strength.

If everything went well, the result looks like this:

DIY: een Phalaenopsis Kerst arrangement
Picture: Flower Factor

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