DIY: how to make a kokedama with an anthurium
DIY: how to make a kokedama with an anthurium
Picture: Anthurium Info

DIY: how to make a kokedama with an anthurium

Are you looking for an original way to place a plant in your home? Then a kokedama might be something for you. Kokedama is the Japanese word for moss ball. The roots of the plant grow in a ball of moss and soil instead of in a ‘dull’ plant pot. You can buy a kokedama in the store or make one yourself, for example with an anthurium. To help you, we’ll share with you how to make a kokedama with an anthurium.

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  • An anthurium plant
  • Flat moss
  • Rope
  • Scissors

How to make a Kokedama with an anthurium

Carefully remove the anthurium plant from it’s plastic pot. Shake off the loose soil, and then wrap the moss around the roots. Try to cover as much of the root ball as possible with the moss. Then secure it by wrapping the rope around the moss. This can be done with inconspicuous rope, or with colored rope or wire lighting to decorate the kokedama. Is everything secured? Then your kokedama is ready!

You can now place the kokedama on a small plate, but also under a bell jar, for example. Or hang it up!

DIY: een kokedama met een anthurium maken
Picture: Anthurium Info

Kokedama care

Spray the kokedama occasionally with some water, or place it on a plate with water. The moss keeps the root ball moist for a long time, so you don’t have to water it again quickly.

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