DIY: Pressed flower frame
Pressed flower frame
Picture: Unsplash

DIY: Pressed flower frame

One of the trends for 2019 is pressed flowers. It probably sounds a bit old-fashioned to you, and maybe you’ll immediately think of your grandmother. But it can look very chic in your interior! Especially if you place them in a nice frame. And that’s also a fun DIY! In this article we’ll tell how to make a pressed flower frame.


To make a pressed flower frame, you need:

  • Flowers, preferably thin
  • A flower press or a stack of thick books and some kitchen paper
  • 2 glass picture frames

Making a pressed flower frame

Pressing flowers

First we are going to make the pressed flowers. You can do this with a flower press, and if you don’t have one, you can do it with a stack of thick books. Place the flowers between two napkins and place them between the books. After three weeks you can take the flowers out.


Next we’re going to frame the pressed flowers. For one frame, you need two identical photo frames. The cardboard that serves as a background of a photo frame, will be replaced for the glass of the other photo frame. This makes the frame transparent on both sides! But before you place the glass on top of the other, place some pressed flowers in between. That way they are visible extra nice!

Enjoy making this DIY! Also see: DIY: a wall decoration for flowerpots