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101 ways to bloom up your life.

Buy anthurium cut flowers and pot plants
Floral hotspots

Where to buy anthurium cut flowers and pot plants

The beautiful subtropical anthurium isn’t a seasonal flower, so it’s available all year round. But because this plant is available in so many shapes, sizes and colors, it can be hard to find exactly the variant you want. We’ll help you with that! In this article...

6 gift ideas for plant lovers
Nice to give & to get

6 nice gift ideas for plant lovers

Plant lovers usually already have enough plants in their home. And although they’ll probably always be happy with a new one, there are plenty of other nice gifts that have something to do with plants. To give you some inspiration, we listed 6 nice and original gift ideas for plant...


Spring fever

After a long cold winter period, many people are looking forward to spring. The pleasant temperatures and the sun on your face will give you spring fever. It’s time to give more attention to your garden! Especially since flowers and plants give you a good feeling.

Interior Lifestyle

Green, greener, greenest

The colour green is totally hot! Just drop by a boutique, restaurant or furniture store. There is a real strong chance that you encounter green plants.


Bring spring into your interior with colour

Now the dark days are behind us it’s time for some colour in the interior. Warm colours bring the warmth we are looking for in the winter. Bright colours bring the joy of spring into our homes. Totally on-trend according to the Horticulture Sector Trends 2017!

Blooming celebrations Interior

2 ways to style your Easter table

Do you have to organize the traditional Eastern brunch?  Make it grand and flourishing to celebrate also the beginning of spring. At they know how to create a flourishing Easter table with an botanic chic or stylish pastel touch.

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