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Blooming celebrations

A party without flowers is just a gathering.

new anthurium cut flower varieties
Blooming celebrations

3 Wonderful flower arranging workshops in London

Lately, more and more people are discovering the benefits of arranging flowers. You’re working with your hands instead of your mind, it’s relaxing and you immediately see results! And on top of that, you end up with a beautiful bouquet that you can place in a nice spot in your...

Blooming celebrations Interior

2 ways to style your Easter table

Do you have to organize the traditional Eastern brunch?  Make it grand and flourishing to celebrate also the beginning of spring. At they know how to create a flourishing Easter table with an botanic chic or stylish pastel touch.

Purple Christmas
Blooming celebrations

Dreaming of a purple Christmas

Can’t guarantee a white Christmas, but to create an equally magical ambiance I would choose a purple Christmas. It’s warm, feels luxury and is the trend colour this autumn. Sounds like the best colour to finish this year in style.