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new year's eve cocktails with flowers
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The best cocktails for new year’s eve

2016 is almost over, so raise your glass to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017. To make the last party of the year extra special we celebrate it with some nice flourishing cocktails. Warning: they are almost to pretty to drink.

Blooming champagne

A new year’s eve without Champagne isn’t complete. The sparkles make it a festive drink and adding edible flowers makes it even more festive. Get the recipe at

cocktails-with-edible-flowers4 cocktails-with-edible-flowers3 colourful cocktail with exotic Orchid


Holiday season red

Stay in sync with the season with this Hibiscus and bourbon cocktail that fits perfectly in the holiday ambiance because of its red colour. Get the recipe of the Southern Tart.

I think the Hibiscus fits perfectly in the holiday theme with its deep red colour. However, do you want a little more sparkles on new year’s eve? Use prosecco and add a Hibiscus flower and some hibiscus syrup. Get the recipe of this wild Hibiscus prosecco cocktails.

Exotic touch

A cocktail with citrus, honey, and flowers, a colourful cocktail to end the year festive. And by adding an orchid it’s the best exotic end of the year since not everybody is able to celebrate new year’s eve on a tropical island ;-). Get the recipe at

Wishing you a happy blooming new year. Cheers!