Nice plant workshops in the spring of 2019
Leuke planten workshops in het voorjaar van 2019
Foto: Unsplash
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Nice plant workshops that take place in the spring of 2019

Now that spring has started and it’s sunny outside, it’s time to dust off your green fingers and roll up your sleeves! Can you use some tips and tricks in the field of plant care? Then following a planting workshop might be a nice idea. These are organised by various plant stores in London. We will list a number of nice plant workshops in the spring of 2019.

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Botany, London

At Botany you can attend The Happy Houseplants workshop. It covers the history of houseplants, what will thrive best in which situation and why some houseplants are hard to find. You will learn about different light and water requirements, and how and when to pot on. They will also guide you through how to propagate different sorts of plants.

  • 12th May: Happy houseplant workshop / Costs: £45.00, including a plant to take home, some cuttings that you can grow yourselves, and answers to all your questions about your plants.

Chelsea Physic Garden, London

Is a potato a root? How do fruits form? What exactly is photosynthesis? If you are interested in the answers to these questions, the Botany for Gardeners day course could be for you. It offers complete beginners a relaxed introduction to the world of botany!

  • 14th June: Botany for Gardeners / Costs: £88, including lunch, materials and refreshments.

London Terrarium, London

London Terrarium is dedicated to passing on what they have learned through their comprehensive workshops and believe that the terrarium is the perfect way to engage with horticulture in a dense urban environment. During this workshop, you will learn how a terrarium works, how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own, and how to look after them.

  • 10, 11, 16th May / Costs: £45, including a jar and tools.