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Flowers are the best accessories in life.

Pampas grass: the latest interior trend

Pampas grass has taken over Instagram and Pinterest, it’s everywhere! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Pampas grass are those waving stalks of grass in a natural color, which you suddenly see on every interior picture...

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This is the Flexa trend color of 2020: Tranquil Dawn

This is the Flexa trend color of 2020: Tranquil Dawn

Recently, paint brand Clare announced Frozen as the trend color of 2020. But Flexa also named one, Tranquil Dawn, which looks a lot like it! Every year Flexa color specialists from the Global Aesthetic Center, international design experts and architects come together to discuss the latest...

Prince's Day inspiration: beautiful hats with flowers

Prince’s Day inspiration: extravagant hats with flowers

Tuesday, September 17, it’s Prince’s Day (Dutch: Prinsjesdag)! The day that, besides the King reading the ‘Speech from the Throne’, a lot of female members of parliament wear extravagant hats. And, unlike the Speech from the Throne, which always leaks, the hats are...

Inspiration for a summer wedding with flower decorations

Inspiration for a summer wedding with flower decorations

Flowers usually already are part of the wedding decoration. Think of the bridal bouquet, for example. But lately, flowers are becoming more and more popular. It’s not surprising though, because they’re beautiful, smell wonderful and provide atmosphere instantly. That’s...

How to make flowers last longer

3 tips for stunning flower photography

Did you buy a beautiful bouquet, placed it on a perfect spot in your home and would you like a nice picture of it? Then you’ll probably experience that it’s quite a challenge to photograph them nicely. That’s why we have listed a number of useful tips for flower...

Pets and plants
Fashion Happy living

Pets and plants: how to keep them safe

Do you have pets at home? Then it’s very important to pay attention to which plants you place in your home, because some plants aren’t safe for pets to eat. If they do it anyway, they can get sick. So to prevent that, we’ll explain what you should pay attention to...

floral Instagram accounts to follow

4 inspiring floral Instagram accounts to follow

What do you do if you’re bored or have to wait for a little while? We secretly grab our phones very quickly, to look around on Instagram. Preferably we look for beautiful pictures of flowers and plants on there, to get new inspiration. Recently we shared our favorite Instagram...


Bring spring into your interior with colour

Now the dark days are behind us it’s time for some colour in the interior. Warm colours bring the warmth we are looking for in the winter. Bright colours bring the joy of spring into our homes. Totally on-trend according to the Horticulture Sector Trends 2017!

Fashion illustrators Instagram creative with flowers
Fashion Spotted

Gorgeous fashion illustrations with petals

I can thoroughly enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but there are also people who can make beautiful art with just petals. Luckily some of these talented illustrators share there beautiful creations on Instagram.

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