3 tips for stunning flower photography
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3 tips for stunning flower photography

Did you buy a beautiful bouquet, placed it on a perfect spot in your home and would you like a nice picture of it? Then you’ll probably experience that it’s quite a challenge to photograph them nicely. That’s why we have listed a number of useful tips for flower photography. So you can show off your beautiful flowers on Instagram! 😉

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Good lighting is one of the most important things for a beautiful photo. The colors of your flowers look best when you take pictures in daylight. Does the sun shine too brightly? Then close the curtains a little.

The background

All the attention should go to the flowers, not to clutter in the background. The fewer items you see in a photo, the more the flowers stand out. But be careful that the whole thing doesn’t become fake, it must remain ‘real’. You can do that by creating a composition of three objects in one photo. Place your flowers next to two other objects, preferably in different heights. This way, most of the attention goes to your flowers, but the picture is dynamic as well.


Let your creativity run wild! If you take a picture from underneath the flowers, it will make them seem much bigger. But if you take it from above, they will look smaller! It’s also nice to take a close up of a flower once in a while. Don’t zoom in, because then the quality will deteriorate. Just stand a little closer, or crop the photo afterwards.

For more inspiration, you can have a look on Pinterest. Our account is filled with stunning pics of flowers!