4 inspiring floral Instagram accounts to follow
floral Instagram accounts to follow
Picture: The Flower Family

4 inspiring floral Instagram accounts to follow

What do you do if you’re bored or have to wait for a little while? We secretly grab our phones very quickly, to look around on Instagram. Preferably we look for beautiful pictures of flowers and plants on there, to get new inspiration. Recently we shared our favorite Instagram accounts full of plants, and today we’ll share the ones filled with flowers! We currently get the most inspiration from these 4 floral Instagram accounts:

De Meisjes van de Bloemen

De Meisjes van de Bloemen (the girls of the flowers) make, as they say, everything with flowers and plants. From installations to bouquets to small vases with flowers. It’s a party every time they upload a picture, because one is even prettier than the other.


You probably know Bloomon of the beautiful field bouquets they offer via a subscription. But have you ever looked at their Instagram page? They work with the most amazing stylists and photographers and share the most gorgeous photos of their bouquets, behind the scene stories and useful tips.

Een bericht gedeeld door bloomon (@bloomonnl) op

Mooi wat bloemen doen

On Mooi wat bloemen doen (it’s beautiful what flowers do) you’ll find a lot of floral inspiration. From flower ornaments to colorful flower crowns, the most beautiful bouquets and everything in between!

The Flower Family

The Flower Family stands for meaningful flowers that come directly from specialized and passionate growers. On Instagram they share useful tips, green quotes and of course lots of beautiful flowers!

Do you already follow Bloomifique on Instagram? And do you know other gorgeous floral Instagram accounts? Please let us know!