Pets and plants: how to keep them safe
Pets and plants
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Pets and plants: how to keep them safe

Do you have pets at home? Then it’s very important to pay attention to which plants you place in your home, because some plants aren’t safe for pets to eat. If they do it anyway, they can get sick. So to prevent that, we’ll explain what you should pay attention to, concerning pets and plants.

Non-toxic houseplants

If your pet accidentally eats from a plant that’s toxic, it won’t be fatal. But they can get very sick, and if we can we want to avoid that of course! To find out if the plant you want to buy is non-toxic, you can always ask staff at the garden center or the veterinarian. You really have to check that with every new pet and plant that you bring home. But it of course also depends on your pet: if he likes to nibble on plants, you have to pay extra attention.

One of the safe plants for pets is the orchid. With this plant you can go all out, because they come in many different colors and varieties.

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Prevent nibbling

Your furry friend does damage your plant with his nibbling. To prevent this, you can sprinkle some cinnamon or cayenne pepper on the leaves of the plant. Or just place it at a spot where your pets can’t come. For example, hang your plants or place them on a high table.