3 questions you should ask before you buy a new plant
questions you should ask before you buy a new plant
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3 questions you should ask before you buy a new plant

Ever bought a plant that died a week later? No worries, it happens to all of us. But you can easily prevent it by asking a few questions before you buy a new one. Because by knowing a plant and yourself a bit better, the chances are that you will enjoy it for a longer time. These are the questions you should ask before you buy a new plant:

Where does the plant originally come from?

The best way to care for a plant is to know where it originally comes from. For example, many species of the orchid grow on tree branches under the canopy in humid forests in Southeast Asia. Therefore, this plant won’t do well in rich black potting soil at a sunny spot in the house. It’s important that you never leave an orchid in standing water (because it wouldn’t encounter those conditions on a tree branch), and don’t place it in direct sunlight. If you learn the basics about where in the world your plant comes from, it’s more likely that you’ll keep it healthy and beautiful!

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What kind of circumstances does my home have?

See what kind of light comes into your home. Do you have many windows? And do they face north, south, east, or west? On which floor do you live? And what’s the temperature inside like? If you know these kinds of things about your home, you can easily choose a plant that fits in with that.

How good am I in taking care of plants?

Ask yourself how much time you want to spend on plants. Do you have time to do it every day? Then you can buy any plant you want. But do you think once or twice a week is enough? Then it’s wise to choose a plant that’s easy to care for and hardly needs attention. By being honest with yourself, you can buy a plant that fits well with you and your lifestyle, and won’t die quickly.


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