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How to style your kitchen with Anthurium plants

How to style your kitchen with Anthurium plants

We place plants in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and hall, but not so often in the kitchen. But why not? They provide a lot of atmosphere in there too! And if you like baking and cooking, you spend a lot of time there. In addition, many houses nowadays have an open kitchen or bar...

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Cute Christmas gifts for plant lovers

It’s almost Christmas time! Are you already stressed out from the idea of coming up with nice Christmas gifts? No worries, we picked out some very cute ones, especially for plant lovers. These gifts will put a smile on every plant lovers face!
Christmas gifts for plant...

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4 simple hacks for an Urban Jungle at home

Do you already have a lot of houseplants at home, but is that Urban Jungle feeling still missing? Then a few small changes probably can make a big difference. For example, by grouping plants more, or by hanging one from the ceiling. In this article we listed a number of very easy hacks...

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Which plants are suitable for hydropony?

In general we put cut flowers in a vase and house plants in plant pots. But you can also place a plant on water! This is called hydropony. The roots extract all their nutrients from the water. It looks really nice and is perfect for people who often forget to water their plants. But which...

Cozy ways to decorate your bedroom for fall, with flowers and plants

Cozy ways to decorate your bedroom for fall, with flowers and plants

Where we spend a lot of time outside during the summer, we spend a lot of time inside during the fall. Nice and cozy with a cup of tea and a rug on the couch, with fragrant candles all around you. But to get that autumn-feeling you have to make some rearrangements at home! In this article...

The nicest urban plant shops in Utrecht
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The nicest urban plant shops in Utrecht

Are you planning a day trip to Utrecht? A visit to the best plant stores in the city is a must. Because although an outsider would say: ‘Plant stores all sell the same thing’, we clearly know better! 😉 That’s why we listed the best plant shops in Utrecht. Also perfect...

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How to style your window sills

Almost everyone has a window sill at home, most people even have several. Yet, hardly anyone uses it for decoration. While a nicely styled window sill can do so much for your home! To inspire you, we collected a few tips on how to style your window sills, so that you can get started with...

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The do’s & don’ts for hanging plants

Hanging plants are ideal. If you think your house is full, there usually still is enough room in the air. In addition, hanging plants immediately transform your home into a mini jungle. There are a few things to think about when hanging plants. Therefore we collected a few do’s...