4 simple hacks for an Urban Jungle at home
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4 simple hacks for an Urban Jungle at home

Do you already have a lot of houseplants at home, but is that Urban Jungle feeling still missing? Then a few small changes probably can make a big difference. For example, by grouping plants more, or by hanging one from the ceiling. In this article we listed a number of very easy hacks for an Urban Jungle. This will immediately give your home that Urban Jungle vibe!

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Simple hacks for an Urban Jungle

Go for a botanical print

Look around your home, to see if you can decorate a wall with a botanical print. This can be a wall in the living room, but the toilet for example works as well. A wallpaper with a botanical print doesn’t bring the benefits of plants, but does provide an Urban Jungle vibe.

Make (or buy) a Macramé or kokedama

Is there no space left in your home for plants on the ground? Then go up in the air, with a Macramé or kokedama. This way you fill an empty space immediately as well! A Macramé is a plant hanger, usually made from rope. The kokedama is a form of Japanese garden art, and literally means: mossball. A plant that’s very suitable for this, is the orchid. This plant has air roots to fuel food, and the pot is actually only necessary to be able to put it down.

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Collect vases

Collect beautiful vases, glass bottles and ceramics. Preferably in all kinds of different shapes and sizes! Place them together, put some flowers and branches in it, preferably in different shapes and sizes.

Set up a plant table

Are your plants placed throughout your house, all in different spots? Then see how it would look if you would place them together. For example, buy a coffee table, on which you place a few plants. By grouping them, they suddenly seem more.


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