The do's & don'ts for hanging plants
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The do’s & don’ts for hanging plants

Hanging plants are ideal. If you think your house is full, there usually still is enough room in the air. In addition, hanging plants immediately transform your home into a mini jungle. There are a few things to think about when hanging plants. Therefore we collected a few do’s & don’ts.

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The do’s & don’ts for hanging plants


  • When you add hanging plants to your space, take the circumstances of your house into account. For example, is it hot or cold?
  • Before you add the plants, make sure there is no draft because plants won’t be happy with that.
  • Take the light requirements of your plants into account. Can they handle direct sunlight, or do they prefer to hang in indirect light?
  • Hanging plants can easily grow too long. Do you find them too long? Then simply cut them a bit shorter or cut them.


  • Be careful not to hang your plants too high, otherwise watering will become a challenge. If you hang them at an easily accessible height, the chance you will often water your plants is bigger than if you have to grab a ladder each time.
  • Never hang plants above a seat. You simply don’t sit comfortable with a plant above your head.


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