Sky Planter: a stylish, original and practical plantpot
Sky Planter: a stylish, original and practical plantpot
Picture: Boskke

Sky Planter: a stylish, original and practical plant pot

Recently we came across the Sky Planter. This award-winning plant pot allows you to hang a plant upside down from the ceiling, instead of placing it on the ground. It’s a new take on the traditional potted plant, and not only an original and stylish one! In this article we’ll tell you more about it.

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Sky Planter

The Sky Planter, from the brand Boskke, isn’t just a stylish upside down plant pot. It’s also very handy, because the pot contains the Boskke Slo-Flo irrigation system. This provides your plant with water for up to two weeks at a time. Ideal for people who often forget to water their plants, or for when you go on holiday! The plant and soil are held in place with a locking disc and mesh. Once hung, the soil compacts above the mesh, so it can’t fall out.

The plant pot is available in two types: one is made of stoneware ceramic, the other one of recycled plastic. You can choose between three sizes, and two colors: white or black. The ceramic version is also available in the color burnt terracotta.

The orchid is a very suitable plant to place in the Sky Planter. Check the video below, to see how it works:

Foto: Boskke
De Sky Planter
Foto: Boskke