4 tips to easily get more green at home
4 tips to easily get more green at home

4 tips to easily get more green at home

Plants are beautiful, bring atmosphere and improve the humidity in the house. So the more plants in the house, the better! Right? If you think you don’t have any space left in your home, or no time to buy or care for plants: no worries. In this article we’ll give you tips to easily get more green at home.

Flower delivery services

Do you want to have fresh flowers at home, but don’t always have time to get them? Order them online! There are many many flower delivery services. Whether it’s just for one bouquet or a weekly/monthly delivery subscription.

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Easy plants

Buy a few plants that are easy to maintain. For example, an anthurium pot plant needs little care to look good. In addition, this plant produces new flowers throughout the year. There usually is a cycle of three months of flowering, a number of months of no flowering and then three months of flowering again. And because it’s not a seasonal flower, it’s available all year round.

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Large indoor plants

Another way to easily get more green into your home, is by placing a few large indoor plants. These also don’t require a lot of attention, but they immediately give a green atmosphere. Especially in a spacious hall or large living room, a number of large house plants are better than a lot of little ones.


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If you don’t have a any place anymore to put plants down, then hang them up! This way you can use every place in your house optimally, and you even save space. This can be done with a Macramé plant hanger or a Sky Planter, for example. The latter is not just a upside down plant pot, it’s also very handy. The pot contains a Slo-Flo irrigation system, which provides your plant with water for up to two weeks. Ideal for people who often forget to water their plants, or for when you go on holiday!

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