How to get an Anthurium to rebloom: a few tips
How to get an Anthurium to rebloom: a few tips
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How to get an Anthurium to rebloom: a few tips

The Anthurium, also known as the Flamingo flower, is a beautiful and popular plant. She comes from the tropics, and grows there in a moist environment in wet, swampy places. If you take good care of your plant, you can enjoy it for years, with new flowers every now and then. In this blog we’ll share how to get an Anthurium to rebloom.

Get an Anthurium to rebloom

In general, an Anthurium plant blooms in a three-month cycle. So: three months of flowering, a few months of no flowering, and then another three months of flowering. So be patient, and certainly don’t throw away your plant if it’s not flowering for a while.

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How to get an Anthurium to rebloom

If your anthurium plant hasn’t produced flowers for a while, you can help it a bit. Place the plant in a lighter spot in your home, but not in direct sunlight. Also give her a maximum of once a week water and only a little nutrition.

When the spring begins, you should give slightly less water and no food for six weeks to two months. As soon as it gets sunnier, water it more often and start with nutrition too. After this, your Anthurium plant will probably rebloom again soon. You will see: first there will appear a new leaf, then a new flower.


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Anthurium pot plant care

It’s best to water an Anthurium plant twice a week in the summer, and once a week in the winter. Make sure the soil is never completely dry, but doesn’t drown in water either. Mist your plant occasionally with some water, especially if the humidity is on the low side – for example in the winter with the heating on. This also increases the chance of reblooming!

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