The mistake everyone with houseplants makes when it gets colder
Moving indoor plants outside in summer: a few tips
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The mistake everyone with houseplants makes when it gets colder

Yes, the winter really has begun. But where we take care of ourselves differently in winter than in summer, we don’t do that for our houseplants. And that’s a bit strange, don’t you think? In this article we will tell you more about the mistake everyone with houseplants makes when it gets colder. Because plants also have different needs in winter and summer!

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The mistake everyone with houseplants makes

Most people leave their houseplants in the same place during the winter and summer. That’s not very strange, but not preferable. Because in the winter it can be drafty near cold windows, and too hot near heaters. And if there is something plants don’t like, it’s those two things. Radiators extract moisture from plants, and that makes leaves turn brown. And where are plants usually placed? Right, near the window or above a radiator. That doesn’t matter in the summer, because then there’s no draft and the heating is switched off. But is does in the winter.

So, find another place for your plants as quickly as possible. A good reason for a small restyling at home! Preferably place your plants a little further away from the windows, but not too far, because they still need daylight. Do you have no other place than near a radiator? Then occasionally spray the leaves with a plant mister.

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