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How to style your kitchen with Anthurium plants

We place plants in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and hall, but not so often in the kitchen. But why not? They provide a lot of atmosphere in there too! And if you like baking and cooking, you spend a lot of time there. In addition, many houses...

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Skogluft: the Norwegian method for more energy and health
Happy living

Skogluft: the Norwegian method for more energy and health

Where the Danes have ‘Hygge’ and the Swedes ‘Lagom’, the Norwegians have ‘Skogluft’. No idea what we’re talking about? They are Scandinavian philosophies for a happy life. The first two have been known for a while, but Skogluft is relatively new...

The nicest urban plant shops in Leiden
Floral hotspots

The nicest urban plant shops in Leiden

Leiden is a beautiful city with canals and old streets. You can easily see the city center in one day, and while walking you come across the nicest shops, coffee shops and restaurants. They’re great to make a stop for lunch, dinner or just to enjoy a cup of coffee. And of course...

The best urban plant shops in Rotterdam
Floral hotspots

The best urban plant shops in Rotterdam

We’re on a mission to find the nicest urban plant shops in the Netherlands! Earlier, we wrote about floral hotspots in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and today it’s time for Rotterdam! Because as a plant lover, a citytrip isn’t complete without a visit to a plant store...

Moving indoor plants outside in summer: a few tips

Moving indoor plants outside in the summer: a few tips

Houseplants are usually placed indoors, they’re called houseplants for a reason. Inside, the conditions are generally constant and there are no major temperature fluctuations. But in the summer you can move some indoor plants outside. For many houseplants this is even better...

The 3 best office plants

The 3 best office plants to boost your productivity

There are many advantages to having office plants. They’re functional because they’re sound-demping, decorative because they look beautiful, and they have a positive influence on the productivity, health and happiness of people. You can easily place a plant at every desk in...

Using orchid potting soil

4 houseplants that are easy to care for

Plants are nice to have at home. They create atmosphere and liveliness in your interior, and provide cleaner air. But if you’re not at home often or don’t have green fingers, it can be difficult to keep your plants alive. That’s why we looked for the 4 easiest...

Pets and plants
Fashion Happy living

Pets and plants: how to keep them safe

Do you have pets at home? Then it’s very important to pay attention to which plants you place in your home, because some plants aren’t safe for pets to eat. If they do it anyway, they can get sick. So to prevent that, we’ll explain what you should pay attention to...

boost your productivity
Happy living

5 houseplants that boost your productivity

It has been scientifically proven that indoor plants have a positive effect on people. Think of functional benefits, such as sound insulation and decoration. But they also have intrinsic qualities that positively influence the health, happiness and even the productivity of employees. To...

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