The nicest urban plant shops in Leiden
The nicest urban plant shops in Leiden
Picture: Plantenasiel Leiden
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The nicest urban plant shops in Leiden

Leiden is a beautiful city with canals and old streets. You can easily see the city center in one day, and while walking you come across the nicest shops, coffee shops and restaurants. They’re great to make a stop for lunch, dinner or just to enjoy a cup of coffee. And of course Leiden also has a number of very nice plant stores. As plant lovers, we listed the nicest urban plant shops in Leiden.

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Plant shops in Leiden


Salie is a plant store that has an interior of a living room. It’s filled with plants, from cuttings to hanging plants, but also with plant pots and vintage items. At Salie, you’re also at the right place if you need plant advice, for example about the best spot in your home to place your new plant. You can also join a workshop, such as creating a kokedama or ecosystem. And: they offer cutting subscriptions! Every month you’ll get a different cutting in the mailbox. There’s a 3-month and a one-year subscription.

Salie, Haven 4, Leiden


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Plantenasiel Leiden

Even though plants are incredibly popular, people still throw away plants every day. Such a waste! At the Plantenasiel Leiden, you can bring plants that you want to get rid of, in order to give them a second life. And if you’re looking for a ‘new’ plant, you can adopt one! The Plantenasiel Leiden first ensures that the plants bloom again, and once they do they’re for sale for a small donation. These donations go to good soil, plant food and larger pots. So remember: it’s not a plant store, but a shelter.

Do you want to donate a plant? Or get your house more green? Plantenasiel Leiden is located opposite of Leiden Central, in the old primary school De Vlieger. They are open every Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and the first Saturday of the month from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m..

The Plantenasiel Leiden, Ballonpad 2, Leiden


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Faas est.2016 Flowers and More

At Faas est.2016 Flowers and More you will find beautiful seasonal flowers and striking plants. As the name suggests, you can also go here for home accessories and gift items. Think of original vases and pots, silk flowers, scented candles, ceramics and glassware. It’s the perfect gift store!

Faas est.2016 Flowers and More, Breestraat 119, Leiden


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Flori Bloemen

Fiori Bloemen is not really a plant store but, a really nice flower shop. In addition to bouquets and flower arrangements, they also sell special vases. For example, think of vases made of glass, ceramics and zinc – usually limited available. Besides that, you can sign up for a flower subscription, starting at € 15 per week including a loan vase and delivery. Ideal, right?

Fiori Bloemen, Lange Mare 51, Leiden


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