The 5 most extraordinary urban plant shops in The Netherlands
urban plant shops in The Netherlands
Picture: Blesh You
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The 5 most extraordinary urban plant shops in The Netherlands

Urban plant shops are booming! One after the other is opening its doors, and we can only be very happy with that. Finally we’re no longer limited to garden centres! There’s an unlimited amount of plant stores with the most amazing plants, nicest accessories, and staff who are very passionate about their plants. It’s almost hard to choose which store to go to. So to help you, we listed 5 of the most extraordinary urban plant shops in the Netherlands:

Blesh You, Nijmegen

Blesh You is the place to be if you’re looking for plants with a special background. Some of the plants at Blesh You are second-hand, the rest comes directly from a hobby grower. And with every plant you buy, you’ll get some information about its history! If you already have enough plants but would like something different, you can exchange a second-hand plant for another (second-hand) plant for a small fee! It’s also possible to bring your spare plants to Blesh You, so you don’t have to throw it away. They will take care of it and make sure no green is wasted!

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HELLO., Arnhem

Why limit yourself to plants only? At HELLO. you can buy home accessories, books, vintage, jewelry and clothing. Besides plants, ofcourse. It’s an Urban Jungle and shop in one, as the owner describes it herself. Super fun and convenient!

Groene vingers, Delft

The green oasis in front of Groene Vingers (Green Fingers) is spot-on, so you will see it from far away! At this store you will find populair plants as well as unknown plants, beautiful pots, vases and other fun accessories. In the middle of the store there is a greenhouse that is completely filled with unique types of houseplants. Workshops are also offered, to help you develop your own green fingers. Nice!

Oerwoud, Den Bosch

Oerwoud is an urban plant shop and health café in one. They have a large plant collection and sell everything that has to do with greenery. If you’re tired of plant shopping and need a little break, you can take a seat in the health café! On the menu you will find the most delicious freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, all sorts of tea, healthy pies, smoothie bowls and so much more. Everything is organic, plantbased and freshly prepared.

Wildernis, Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot of urban plant shops, but Wildernis is one that certainly stands out. You literally enter an Urban Jungle! In addition to many beautiful and special plants, you can also buy handmade ceramics, books, prints, plant hangers and woven wall accessories. And even drink a cup of coffee or tea!

So, which of the urban plant shops in the Netherlands are you going to visit? Also see: Floral hotspots in Amsterdam