Green activities: 3 tips for when it's cold outside
Green activities: 3 tips
Floral hotspots

Green activities: 3 tips for when it’s cold outside

Even though spring is just around the corner, it’s still a bit too cold and wet to really enjoy nature. That’s why we came up with some nice green activities, which are ideal for this weather!

Hortus botanicus

Hortus botanicus is the traditional name for a botanical garden. It’s a scientific plant collection: plants are grown here and you can see large adult specimens of trees and shrubs. Botanical gardens preserve plants in their collections and protect them from extinction in nature. Anyone who wants to know something about plants is welcome here! It’s great to walk around in. Is it too cold? Then you quickly dive into the tropical greenhouses. 😉

Urban plant store

One after the other urban plant store is opening its doors, and we are very happy with that. We’re no longer limited to garden centers, but can wander around in the nicest shops with passionate staff that can’t stop talking about their special plants. We made a list of the best plant stores in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Delft, Den Bosch and Nijmegen.

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Plant workshop

Do you love plants, but find it difficult to keep them alive or even green? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy plants anymore, because everything can be learned! There are really nice and fun houseplant care workshops, where you can develop your own green fingers. Just ask the plant store in your area if they organize one. And if they’re not doing it already, maybe they will in the future!


Would you rather stay inside? Then have a look at our DIY ideas, like a kokedama with an orchid, Macramé planthanger or pressed flower frame.


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