Where to buy orchids online and in stores
Buy orchids online and in stores
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Where to buy orchids online and in stores

The orchid is one of the most well-known and sold houseplants. So in general you won’t have a problem to find one. But because there are 25,000 different types of orchids, it can be hard to find exactly the variant you want. That’s why we listed a few shops and webshops where you can buy orchids online and in store.

Where to buy orchids

Orchids are readily available. You will find them at most florists, garden centers, urban plant shops and supermarkets. Is there a specific type of orchid that you would like to have? Then you can ask the florist to order it from the wholesaler. Usually it’s no problem at all, and the plant will be there within a few days.

Webshops that sell orchids

Ofcourse it’s also possible to order orchids online. For example, have a look at Gardens 4 You, Bakker, or Triangle Nursery. Besides that, you can Google the name of specific species, to see if there is another retailer.

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