The 3 best office plants to boost your productivity
The 3 best office plants
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The 3 best office plants to boost your productivity

There are many advantages to having office plants. They’re functional because they’re sound-demping, decorative because they look beautiful, and they have a positive influence on the productivity, health and happiness of people. You can easily place a plant at every desk in the office, but there also are other ways. Think of a planter, urban jungle corner or a wall full of greenery. You will see, it immediately brightens up the work environment!

The best office plants


A couple of years ago, NASA investigated the best ways to filter the air in a space station. This way they discovered that certain houseplants can neutralize toxins in a natural way. And that means cleaner and fresher air in the office. According to NASA, the anthurium is very effective at removing formaldehyde (a gas used in the production of leather, carpets and other products), ammonia, toluene and xylene from the air. This exotic plant is also very easy to care for, so it’s ideal for in the office!

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Areca Palm

The Areca Palm (Gold palm) is also good at filtering unwanted particles from a polluted air. The plant absorbs the impure particles through its leaves and transforms it into building material for itself. It purifies gaseous substances from the air, such as xylene and toluene, benzene and formaldehyde. The Areca Palm is especially good to have during winter, when the doors and windows are closed. Due to its size this plant is also very suitable for the office, because it can serve as a folding screen.

Aloë Vera

The Aloe Vera is ideal for testing whether the air in the office is contaminated. Because if that’s the case, you will see brown spots on the leaves of the plant. In addition, the plant helps to purify the air from chemicals. It’s a very easy plant and needs little care. So there will be no problem if the person who usually waters the plants is on vacation. 😉

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