3 easy ways to create a botanical bathroom
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3 easy ways to create a botanical bathroom

Generally, the bathroom is a dark and damp room, so you probably wouldn’t think of placing plants in there. But there are plants that love the high humidity and warm temperatures. They actually grow extra well because of it! Besides that, it’s also very nice for yourself, because you create a luxurious spa-feeling in your own bathroom. In this article we’ll share a few tips on how to create one.

Botanical bathroom


To create a botanical style, you should choose furniture made of Rattan, bamboo and wood. You don’t have to buy a brand new bathroom interior immediately, think of smaller things too. Like accessories, such as a stool, chair and a basket. In the basket you can, for example, store your stock of toilet paper!


Of course plants also belong in a botanical bathroom. Go for houseplants with lots of green leaves and only few flowers. A plant that’s very suitable for this and does well in the bathroom, is the anthurium. This plant prefers a high humidity. The orchid also likes to be in a humid environment. But these plants do need a bit of light, so if you don’t have windows in your bathroom, you should occasionally place them in indirect sunlight for a while.

Place a few plants in different sizes together to create a real Jungle feeling. Do you have a small bathroom? You probably will have a bit of space on the windowsill, on the wall of the shower, or in a corner on the ground. And maybe hanging one in a beautiful macrame plant hanger?

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In addition to furniture and plants, the use of the right colors is also important for a botanical bathroom. Go for green towels, a shower curtain and maybe even green paint on the walls? Green tiles are also beautiful in a white bathroom. And don’t forget small details such as a soap dish. Preferably go for a somewhat deeper color of green and other earth tones.

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