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De Sky Planter

Hanging plants are ideal. If you think your house is full, there usually still is enough room in the air. In addition, hanging plants immediately transform your home into a mini jungle. There are a few things to think about when hanging plants...

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Moving indoor plants outside in summer: a few tips

Moving indoor plants outside in the summer: a few tips

Houseplants are usually placed indoors, they’re called houseplants for a reason. Inside, the conditions are generally constant and there are no major temperature fluctuations. But in the summer you can move some indoor plants outside. For many houseplants this is even better...

Can plants really purify the air?
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Fact or myth: Can plants really purify the air?

Plants purify the air, we’ve been reading it more and more lately. But is that really true? And how does it work? We decided to look into it.
Fact: plants can purify the air
In 1989, NASA research showed that indoor plants can purify the air of unhealthy substances such asbenzene...

houseplants with pink leaves

3 houseplants with pink leaves

The combination of pink and green is a trend that has been going on for some time now. Pink makes green a bit softer, and together it creates a luxurious look with a touch of femininity. So it’s not strange the Instagram-account Plants on Pink is so popular and Pinterest is filled...

The best houseplants for autumn

The best houseplants for autumn, to fall-proof your home

The sun is rising later and setting earlier. It’s getting colder and wetter, and the leaves are falling from the trees. It’s clear: autumn has begun! Is it still in the summer in your mind? Then it’s time to make your home fall-proof, because you will be spending more...

best places to put an orchid
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The 4 best places to put an orchid in your home

Chances are that you have an orchid at home, because it’s a really popular houseplant. The orchid doesn’t need a lot of attention, but with the right care it can bloom for a long time. In this article you’ll find tips on the best places to put an orchid in your home, because...