The best houseplants for autumn, to fall-proof your home
The best houseplants for autumn

The best houseplants for autumn, to fall-proof your home

The sun is rising later and setting earlier. It’s getting colder and wetter, and the leaves are falling from the trees. It’s clear: autumn has begun! Is it still in the summer in your mind? Then it’s time to make your home fall-proof, because you will be spending more and more time in there again. 😉 With green or flowering houseplants you immediately create a warm atmosphere. That’s why we listed the best houseplants for autumn:

Flowering plants

The anthurium plant is available in many different colors, such as yellow, red, purple, brown, and black. These are real autumn colors, so they’re perfect to place in your home to get the autumn feeling going. The orchid also comes in many different species. It’s one of the largest plant families on earth, there are about 25,000 variations! The Oncidium Orchid is especially suitable for autumn, because this species occurs mainly in the traditional fall colors red-yellow-brown. That’s why they’re also called Tiger Orchids.


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Hanging plants

Hanging plants are making a comeback! The Chinese lantern plant, baby-on-mother’s lap, the green-white striped grass lily and the pea plant: we can’t get enough of them. And because their leaves dangle from a shelf, cabinet or macramé plant hanger, they provide a playful and autumnal effect!

Foliage plants

Foliage plants provide a lush green statement. Think of the Calathea, Monstera, Croton and Philodendron. Because of their color shades and striking leaf drawings, they won’t go unnoticed!

These are our favorite houseplants for autumn! Which one is your fave? Also see: The style trends for 2019: soft, round, futuristic and sustainable