The 7 most popular orchid varieties
These are the 7 most popular orchid varieties

The 7 most popular orchid varieties

Did you know there are about 25.000 variations of orchids? The orchid family therefore is one of the largest plant families on earth. The Phalaenopsis orchid is the most common one. And even this variety is available in many different shapes and colors! To inspire you, we listed 7 of the most popular orchid varieties.

Cambria orchid

The Cambria orchid is a hybrid of different plant species, and therefore does not occur in the wild. This orchid variety can vary tremendously in size and shape. The plant usually comes in a combination of multiple colors like various shades of purple, or white and yellow with with maroon markings. So it’s a real eye-catcher!

Cattleya orchid

This orchid variety is native to tropical America and produces some of the brightest, most uniquely formed flowers in the orchid world. There are small- and large-flowered, single-, and multi-flowered, scented and non-scented floral varieties. The Cattleya orchid generally blooms once a year, for about three weeks.

Cymbidium orchid

The Cymbidium orchid is mainly found in the Himalayas. You can recognize this plant by its tall stem and long leaves, with at least five flowers. It’s available in white, yellow, green, pink, red and brown.

Dendrobium orchid

The name Dendrobium literally means: the one who lives on a tree. So it can’t be a surprise that this orchid grows on rocks and trees. This plant is mostly found in Asia and Australia.

Miltonia orchid

The Miltonia orchid is an epiphyte, and growing abundantly in Latin America. This plant has large flowers, which make them perfect for bouqets, and is available in many different colors, ranging from red, yellow, pink, white and purple.

Oncidium orchid

The Oncidium orchid is a species that has developed without the benefit of soil, and grows long spikes covered in colorful flowers. They are famous for their distinctive floral design, and occur mainly in red-yellow-brown. That’ why they are also called Tiger Orchids.

Phalaenopsis orchid

The Phalaenopsis is the most famous orchid. It comes in more than 20,000 different species, which differ in color, amount of flowers, height of the flower stalk, and the number of branches that the plant produces. The Phalaenopsis orchid can bloom up to twelve weeks!

Which of these orchid varieties is your favorite? By taking good care of the plant, you can enjoy it for years. Read our tips for the best orchid care via this link.