3 funny things people do to help their plants grow
help their plants grow
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3 funny things people do to help their plants grow

As a plant lover you’re probably very involved with your plants. Of course you want them to grow well, stay green and alive for as long as possible. And every plant parent has its tricks for that. We listed 3 funny things people do to help their plants grow:

Talk to them

Complimenting and talking to your plants as if they’re your children. You may not want to do that if you have visitors over, but if you’re alone with your plants, you do. Admit it! And occasionally petting and kissing your plants isn’t weird either, we heard from reliable sources. 😉

Houseplant concerts

Christan Summers, the co-founder of the Tula House plant store in Brooklyn, always puts on background music. “It’s not scientifically proven, but we believe that playing music helps plants grow”. And that’s not crazy at all, because plants are indeed sensitive to sound signals. Scientists have discovered that exposing plants to sound might activate their immune response and increase their production of growth hormones.

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Name them

Tell me honestly, do you give your plants names? You’re definitely not the only one! Summer Rayne Oakes is an environmentalist who has more than 600 houseplants, most of whom have a name. In a blog she explains that thinking of cheeky names for plants is a way to feel a little more connected to them. And therefore you’ll never forget to water them. Smart, right? She says: “Get creative! Check out the coolest baby names or steal your favorite celebrity’s name and give it a twist, like Nicholas Sage or Keanu Leaves. 😉 ”

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