3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves
3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves

3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves

It may be a while until Valentine’s Day, but hearts are always allowed. Right? Especially when they are made by nature. We listed 3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves. Place them in your home for a little bit more love!


The Anthurium is called the plant with a heart, because of its heart-shaped leaves. It’s an exotic plant, originally from Latin America. The heart-shaped leaves come in a wide range of colors: from bright red to muscular white and from salmon pink to soft green. The Anthurium is very stylish and easy to care for. It doesn’t need a lot, but with a little attention it will continue to bloom for months. Water the plant once a week and give it a little bit of plant food every two weeks.


The Kamerlinde has heart-shaped leaves and can grow really high: up to two meters! This plant prefers to be in daylight, but not in direct sunlight. The Kamerlinde doesn’t really need water. If you place it in a damp room once a week, it automatically sucks in enough water to keep on glowing. Because of this, it’s an ideal plant for the bathroom!


When you see the Elephant Ear, you immediately know where the plant gets its name from: its enormous heart-shaped leaves. They can have a diameter of up to 90 cm! The elephant ear is a beautiful houseplant and creates a lot of atmosphere in the house. Preferably place it in indirect sunlight and give it a lot of water, it would be best to keep the soil slightly damp constantly.


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