4 new orchid varieties you must see
new orchid varieties

4 new orchid varieties you must see

There are about 25.000 variations of orchids, of which the Phalaenopsis Orchid is the most common one. And even this variety is available in many different shapes and colors! To inspire you, we listed 4 new orchid varieties. Because it would be a shame if you didn’t know these beautiful specimens!

Folkestone orchid

Anthura Folkestone is an eye-catching Orchid, with many white flowers. The British beauty is overwhelming, it has many fresh green colored spikes, that match the colour of the leaves perfectly.

Oxford orchid

Anthura Oxford is as famous and timeless as the English university town with its many beautiful historic buildings. The white flowers of Anthura Oxford are gracefully arranged on the spikes, forming a brilliant image.

Oxford orchidee

Santa Rosa orchid

Anthura Santa Rosa is a frequently occurring city name in temperamental Latin America for a reason. It’s a very striking orchid: the lilac colored flowers have a beautiful orange lip.

Santa Rosa orchidee

Torino orchid

This orchid is instantly recognizable by its delicate, Italian style. Anthura Torino is very populair because of the refined, soft yellow flowers with a striped pattern.

Torino orchidee

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