3 new anthurium pot plant varieties you probably didn't know yet
3 new anthurium pot plant varieties

3 new anthurium pot plant varieties you probably didn’t know yet

If you think about an anthurium, you probably immediately think of the red pot plant. But did you know this houseplant is available in many more colors and varieties? There are anthuriums in one color, but also with multiple colors. To inspire and inform you, we’ve put 3 new anthurium pot plant varieties in a row. Pick your favorite and place it as an eyecatcher at home!

Alaska Anthurium

This Anthurium is a proud member of the Big American series. Alaska is the largest state of the USA, and that grandeur is also applicable to this pot Anthurium. Characteristic for this plant are the large, prominent flowers, with a long-lasting snow white color.

Atlas Anthurium

In Greek mythology Atlas is a strong titanium, that carries the globe. That force is also present in the Atlas variety. This plant is large and sturdy, and has beautiful flowers. It’s rightfully a plant of worldwide fame!

Livium Anthurium

Livium is the first of the new Anthurium generation that surprises all art lovers. The painting of the flowers is unique, Livium is real Anthurium art.

nieuwe soorten anthurium potplanten

Which of these new anthurium pot plant varieties is your favorite? Also see: 7 care tips for anthurium cut flowers and pot plants