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Pets and plants: how to keep them safe

Do you have pets at home? Then it’s very important to pay attention to which plants you place in your home, because some plants aren’t safe for pets to eat. If they do it anyway, they can get sick. So to prevent that, we’ll explain what you should pay attention to...

3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves

3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves

It may be a while until Valentine’s Day, but hearts are always allowed. Right? Especially when they are made by nature. We listed 3 houseplants with heart-shaped leaves. Place them in your home for a little bit more love!
The Anthurium is called the plant with a heart...

The 4 fall 2018 indoor plant trends

The 4 fall 2018 indoor plant trends

The Intratuin trend watchers have compiled four fall 2018 indoor plant trends, which offer a lot of inspiration. They made a ‘Green Book‘, filled with information about these four trends. Can you use some inspiration for the new season? Then be sure to read on.
Grey and...