The 4 fall 2018 indoor plant trends
The 4 fall 2018 indoor plant trends

The 4 fall 2018 indoor plant trends

The Intratuin trend watchers have compiled four fall 2018 indoor plant trends, which offer a lot of inspiration. They made a ‘Green Book‘, filled with information about these four trends. Can you use some inspiration for the new season? Then be sure to read on.

Grey and soft

This trend is about softness, peace and serenity. No pink, yellow or red, but beige, light purple, powdery light gray and soft green. The softness of this trend is not only reflected in colors, but also in materials, such as linen, velvet and ceramics. You can translate this trend to plants, by placing plants with dark green leaves, for a playful and stately contrast.

Though and natural

This tough and natural trend is especially for the adventurers among us. Think of rugged accessories of raw wood, with metal finishes, and rough shapes. This is combined with tough denim colors and earth tones. Rugged plants that seem to emerge from the jungle or where the roots are still visible, fit this trend perfectly.

Flowers and lush

With this trend you can go big! Think outspoken and colorful. Plants in warm and dark colors, such as purple and burgundy red. Combine this with soft pink accessories, colorful flowers, pearls, silver and glitter. Place a number of plants together, which reinforce or merge into each other. For example, place a number of orchids next to matching purple foliage plants, for a lush effect.

Retro and cheerful

The latest trend combines vintage with new. Plants that were popular in the seventies are making a comeback. Go for round leaves or flowers in different, tight shapes. By combining pots on legs with tight shapes, the plants get a completely different dimension. In addition, use different types of wood and accessories with retro shapes. Finish this with hard and bright colors. There are no rules, let your creativity run wild!

These are the fall 2018 indoor plant trends! Which one is your favorite? Also read: Spiced Honey, the trend color of the year 2019