3 houseplants with pink leaves
houseplants with pink leaves
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3 houseplants with pink leaves

The combination of pink and green is a trend that has been going on for some time now. Pink makes green a bit softer, and together it creates a luxurious look with a touch of femininity. So it’s not strange the Instagram-account Plants on Pink is so popular and Pinterest is filled with it! We’ve put three houseplants with pink leaves in a row, so you can easily bring this trend into your home!


The Aglaonema has speckled leaves, that especially have a lot of color in the centre. The name of the plant is derived from Greek words: ‘aglos’ means beautiful and ‘nema’ thread. The aglaonema has strong air-purifying properties and is very easy to care for.


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Calathea fusion white

The Calathea comes in different varieties, but only the Fusion White variety has pink leaves. The leaves have some sort of white stripes, which get a pink glow through the purple-red back. This is especially noticeable when you place a lamp underneath the plant, because then the leaves – literally – light up! To make it even more of an eyecatcher, place the plant in front of a white wall.


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This plant has the shape of a rose in bloom, it’s beautiful! The Echeveria comes in many different shades and shapes, such as large, small, gray-green, pink or reddish, smooth, hairy or fluffy. It’s a succulent plant, and stores water in its leaves for dry periods. So you don’t have to worry during your holiday, if your plant will survive! 😉

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