How to take care of your plants while you're on holiday
How to take care of your plants while you're on holiday
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How to take care of your plants while you’re on holiday

The summer has officially started, and you probably already planned a weekend trip or vacation. But what are you going to do with your plants? You obviously don’t want to come back to a house full of dead plants. But that’s not really a reason to stay home forever either… We get the struggle, so we listed a few tips about how to take care of your plants while you’re on holiday:

Give them extra attention

Have a look at your plants and remove all dead leaves. They take up extra energy, and by removing them the plant needs less water.

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No sunlight

Place your plants a few meters away from the window, or close the curtains so that your plants don’t get too much sunlight. This way they need less water for the photosynthesis process, and the potting soil will dry less quickly too. But don’t overdo it, because plants won’t be happy in a dark place either. 😉

Collect all plants

Place all your plants together in the bathroom. This way they can create a higher humidity together, and they love that! No sunlight in your bathroom? Move the plant into another small room that does have (indirect) sunlight.


Give your plants enough water before you leave. A tip for this is to not water them directly in the pot, but to do it with the help of ice cubes. Because they melt slowly, they give the roots enough water, but not so much that they drown. Handy!

Going away for longer?

Are you going on holiday for a couple of weeks? Ask someone in your family or that lives nearby to occasionally drop by to water your plants. Is there no one who wants to do that? See if someone wants to adopt your plants for a while. Nobody would say no to more plants, right?

Do you often go on holiday? Then it might be useful to look at plants that require little attention. For example, think of an Aloe Vera plant, Pancake plant or Kentia palm. Enjoy your holiday!