How to boost your energy with the help of plants
boost your energy with the help of plants
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How to boost your energy with the help of plants

Are you up for some me-time before the hectic holiday season starts? Then you’ll love these tips to boost your energy with the help of plants. Because plants are not only air purifying and reducing stress, they also provide energy. Enjoy!

Tropical spa

Take some time to turn your bathroom into your own tropical spa. Let the bath fill up with warm water, light some candles, and place a number of plants in the bathroom. Did you know that certain plants do extra well in the bathroom, because of the high humidity and dark space? For example, the orchid comes from the tropics, which means that this plant likes to be in a humid environment. The bathroom is ideal for this! So, you’re actually doing yourself and your plants a favor with an Urban Jungle bathroom.

Extra care

After taking care of yourself in your tropical spa, it’s time for your plants! By taking care of them a bit extra and with full attention, you’re not able think of anything else. So we bet that you’ll also feel better about yourself after this! Prune your plants, dust them off, give them a bath and repot them if it’s time. They will be thankful, and express it by growing extra nicely. 😉

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Couch potato

And finally, make yourself  a cup of tea, settle on the couch with lots of pillows and a blanket, and grab a plant book to read in and look at. Do you need a new book and can you use some inspiration? In this article we collected 4 great books on houseplants.