3 reasons to have more plants at home
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3 reasons to have more plants at home

The end of the year is approaching, so it’s time to set new year’s resolutions! One of the things that we have planned is to get more plants at home. Because you can never have too many plants, and besides that there are many advantages to having a lot of them at home:

Plants purify the air

Some plants have the great property that they purify the air inside the house. Scientific research has shown that these plants can break down certain chemical compounds, so that they disappear from the air and thus purify the air. In addition, plants improve the humidity inside, which makes you feel more comfortable and health problems such as headaches, a stuffy nose and sore throat, may disappear.

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Plants make you happy

Research has shown that taking care of plants is a good anti-stress agent. That’s because you get satisfaction from caring for something. So by bringing in more plants that you need to take care of, you have more distraction from your daily worries and you can convert stress into positive energy.

Plants make a house a home

If you place a plant in a room, it immediately looks and feels a lot nicer. Plants provide better acoustics, a pleasant atmosphere and make a house a real home.

So, are you going to get more plants at home in 2019? And if so, which ones?


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